Shoot Your Next Music Video In Thailand

StarDubz Entertainment 🇹🇭📼 International Video📼🇹🇭 Off Season Sale Valid Till 31 Oct 2018 Original Price: 5.5 Lakh ₹ Your Price: 2.5 Lakh ₹ Package Includes: 📇 Visa To Thailand ✈ Flight To Thailand 🛫 Return Flight To Delhi 💵 Immigration Funds 🏬 Hotel Stay 🚘 City Travels 🚍 Bus Travels 🥗 Local Cuisine 📱Free Calls To India 📡 Wi Fi Network Shooting Details: 📝Govt Permission 📹International Cams 🎛 International Equips 🕹Drone Work 🕴 International DOP 👬 International Crew 👨🏻‍💻 International Editor 🏝 International Venues 

You Can Contact Us At +91-76-96-46-1666(India) +91-181-46-59-666(Landline) +66-944-25-88-37(Asia WhatsApp) +1-646-666-4124(USA Office) No Fixed Dates We Will Work According To Your Dates

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