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🎵 "Gurmeet Meet's 'Hits of Punjab' Album: Embracing Folk Melodies! 🎶

Dive into the enchanting world of Punjabi folk music with "Hits of Gurmeet Meet: Echoes of Punjab," a mesmerizing album showcasing the soul-stirring vocals of Gurmeet Meet. Each track is a testament to the timeless melodies that echo the cultural vibrancy and heritage of Punjab.

Penned by the lyrical maestros Sukhvinder Bodalanwala from the USA and Gurnek Jhawar, this collection of seven songs paints a vivid picture of Punjab's rich musical tapestry.

🎶 Tracklist with Introductions:

  1. "Pagg - The Turban" (00:00) Embark on a journey through pride and tradition with this evocative track, paying homage to the revered symbol of the turban in Punjabi culture.

  2. "Anakh - The Pride" (03:58) Experience the resounding pride and resilience deeply embedded in Punjab's heritage through this powerful and emotive melody.

  3. "Baghi Soorme" (07:32) Celebrate bravery and valor as this song pays tribute to the courageous warriors, echoing their tales of courage and gallantry.

  4. "Chaplusiya" (11:23) Delve into the complexities of society with this track, offering insightful reflections on sycophancy and societal nuances.

  5. "Ranjha" (14:57) Relish the timeless tale of love, destiny, and passion with this soul-stirring rendition of the legendary folk story of Ranjha.

  6. "Akhiyan" (19:20) Allow yourself to be swept away by the heartfelt melodies that capture the depth of emotions residing within the eyes.

  7. "Baagi" (22:29) Concluding the album on a poignant note, this track celebrates the free-spirited rebels, encapsulating their unwavering determination and spirit.

"Hits of Gurmeet Meet: Echoes of Punjab" is a tribute to the essence of Punjabi folk music, where each track resonates with emotion, tradition, and the enduring legacy of Punjab's musical heritage. Gurmeet Meet's emotive vocals breathe life into these timeless melodies, making this album a cherished musical journey for aficionados of folk tunes.

Download Tracks

Pagg The Turban

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Anakh The Pride

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Baghi Soorme

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