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How To Determine Your Expected YouTube Revenue

Though many different people and organizations have tried to guess how much money YouTubers make, the exact amount remains largely a mystery. While this is good for vloggers’ privacy, it doesn’t do much to help up-and-coming vloggers know how much to budget for as their channels grow.

Thankfully, Some Great YouTubers recently unlocked a formula for estimating how much money YouTubers make per subscriber. Using that formula, you can determine your expected YouTube revenue.

Divide your subscriber count by a thousand.

First, take your subscriber count and divide it by a thousand. So, if you have a million subscribers, your result would be one thousand. If you have a thousand subscribers, your result would be one.

If you have a less than a thousand subscribers, your answer will have a decimal point. So, if you have a hundred subscribers, you result would be 0.1.

Multiply that number by 1.1.

Once you’ve divided your subscriber count by a thousand, take that result and multiply it by 1.1. So, if you started with a million subscribers, your new result would be 1,100. If you started with a thousand, it would now be 1.1.

Again, if you started with less than a thousand subscribers, your result will still be a fraction. If you started with a hundred subscribers, for example, your result would now be 0.11.

Multiply that number by your number of uploads this year.

For the final step, multiple your result from the previous step by the number of videos you uploaded this year. So, if you had a million subscribers and uploaded a video every week for the 52 weeks out of the year, your result would be $57,200. This is your expected income.

The formula looks like this: [(subscribers ÷ 1,000) x 1.1] x uploads = expected revenue. You can apply this formula to other channels to get an idea of how much revenue they earn. Alternatively, you can plug in new subscriber count goals or a planned increase in uploads to yourself to see how your income will be impacted.

While this formula is a good place to start, keep in mind that it isn’t the final authority on how much money you should be earning on YouTube. It is merely a guide for estimation.

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Ricky Bains(admin) enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Folk to, on occasion, Global Sounds. He also spends his time writing, reading, and creating beats.


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