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How To Grow Your Subscriber Count With YouTube Stories

In 2019, creators who utilized YouTube stories saw their subscriber counts rise an average of eight percent more than creators who didn’t use stories. The official YouTube Creators Twitter account shared this exciting information on December 17.

Here are a few ways you can grow your channel with YouTube stories.

Share clips to promote a previously published videos.

Stories are extremely beneficial when it comes to promoting your most recent upload. Not only are they shown to your subscribers, but your YouTube stories will appear to potential viewers as well. So, you should edit a few interesting, intriguing, or entertaining clips from your latest video and upload them to your YouTube stories.

Countdown to your next upload.

Your viewers look forward to your new videos every week. Your upload schedule becomes part of their routines. Build hype for your next upload by starting a countdown on your YouTube story. You might make a new post every day or simply share the date of your next upload.

Vlog parts of your daily life.

Even if you’re a daily vlogger, you likely don’t share every waking moment of your life on camera. Use your YouTube story to vlog the aspects of your personal life that wouldn’t typically make it into your main vlog, such as the cereal you had for breakfast or the new camera lens you ordered.

Engage with viewer responses.

One of the best aspects of YouTube stories is its interactivity. Viewers can leave comments, which you can then share and respond to on your story.

Use your YouTube story to get more personal with your audience. Share your life behind-the-scenes and engage with them more often. Utilizing your story will help you strengthen the relationship you have with your fans.

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