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How To Start And Grow Your YouTube Channel With Phone

A lot of creators use their phones to vlog, whether it’s for a secondary vlogging channel or for their Instagram stories. While these vlogs are easy to film, they often don’t turn out looking like the high-quality content viewers have come to expect from professional creators. With a few minor changes, however, you can make vlogs shot on your phone look as great as videos shot on a DSLR.

Here are three necessary tips for vlogging with your phone.

1. Change the camera settings to the highest resolution.

Many smartphones enable their users to shoot HD video. Some newer models even allow for shooting in 4K. You can improve the quality of the videos you film simply by changing your camera settings.

Under your smartphone’s settings, go to the camera settings. Then, go to the video section and select the highest resolution. The footage you capture will take up more of your storage, so you might want to invest in more cloud storage as well.

2. Steady your phone with a tripod or gimbal.

Videos shot with a smartphone are often easily discernible because of how much they shake. Unless you have incredibly steady hands, any video you film with your phone will be slightly shaky. While you might be able to stabilize the video a bit in editing, you can minimize shaking to begin with by using a tripod.

A tripod will steady your phone camera by taking it out of your hands. However, if you want to vlog on the go, consider getting a gimbal stabilizer that’s specially designed for a phone instead. A gimbal will reduce shaking while you carry your phone and film. You can easily find a tripod or gimbal on Amazon.

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3. Learn proper film lighting techniques.

Good lighting can transform the overall quality of any video. When your video is well-lit, all of your footage will look better, regardless of the camera you’re using. You can make use of lamps, windows, or a phone ring light. However, what’s more important than having good light sources is knowing how to use them.

To learn how to light your videos, research the lighting techniques commonly used in the film industry. Concentrate on beginner-level tutorials to get yourself started.

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