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Synthwave Bundle

Nostalgic, Analogue Sounds

Bring the retro-futuristic sound of synthwave to your productions with the all-new Synthwave Bundle, a collection of instruments and samples that delivers big, punchy drums, classic synths and nostalgic, analogue atmospheres. With drums, percussion, basses, synths, pads, synth strings & FX all included, the Synthwave Bundle supplies a unique sonic quality for your productions - join the 80s revival and instantly start producing modern synthwave tracks!

First up, the UJAM VICE Beatmaker provides the foundation of your tracks for capturing an 80s synthwave aesthetic. With over 30 kits and pre-programmed grooves ready to go at the touch of a button, VICE brings the legendary analogue sound of vintage drum machines to your modern productions.

For even more percussion options, Synthwave Drums by BeatSkillz supplies yet more punchy, larger-than-life drums, including dry and wet versions of samples for maximum control.

Bringing the fundamental retro-classic synth sounds is Plugin Boutique's VirtualCZ. Recreating the unique synthesis engine of the CZ synths, VirtualCZ features two CZ-style phase distortion oscillators that will add a touch of classic to your productions.

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra is a four-oscillator subtractive software synth, modelled on vintage analogue routing for achieving a gritty, old-school synthesizer sound. This synth is the perfect choice for subtle, warm pad sounds and dreamy, creamy lead lines.

Finally, also included is the Synthwave Generation sample pack from Loopmasters, a flashback collection of sounds inspired by the 1980s Synthesis boom. Find the spark of inspiration or the finishing touch for your productions with this extensive set of drums & percussion loops, synth sounds and FX samples.

The Synthwave Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only.


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